Agenda for meeting held at THE THAMES CLUB  601 MACKY STREET THAMES Collect your lucky door number Order your meal for eating at 12. Pass the parcel game. 11.15am WELCOME TO GUESTS AND QUEENS. Coming out. 11.30am Maureen Coronation 11.35pm assisted by visiting queens. Swearing oath to queen. "The Red Hat Oath" The oath when taken is done standing while holding the brim of your hat with your right hand.  "I do light-heartily swear on my lovely red  hat, that being of somewhat sound mind, and desiring to have more fun in the prime of my life, I will uphold the ideas of The Red Hat Society.... As soon as I figure out what they are, and if I can rememeber them when I do. I promise to regularly practice having fun, and resolve to dress somewhat outrageously without care SO HELP ME!!!!!" 7 Lunch 12 midday 8. 1pm fill in diary dates 2014 ngaire 9. 1.15pm naughty red hat gift game 8. paws rack of purple clothes for sale, available throughout day. Thank you for coming safe trip home

Following are the picture........

Our new vice queen reading a poem from Pam Ayres. (I will try and get a copy of and type in here)

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